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Detail and Contour Surveying

Detail and Contour surveys are essential for planning any development or building work. Completing this process prior to the design phase will assist your architect/design team in designing your new home or extension.

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys are used to determine a property’s exact boundary lines and corners. This service helps to resolve challenges about property lines, trees, fences, retaining walls and/or other structures.


Anyone hoping to subdivide a property they own into two or more blocks will need a compliant subdivision survey carried out. It is used to verify where existing boundaries on the property lie, and to accurately mark out where the proposed boundaries would exist if subdivision occurred. A plan is then drawn up by a town planner and submitted to local council for approval.

Construction Setout

A Construction Setout is the process of taking the building design or construction drawings and marking the location of critical walls and features (lifts, concrete pillars, concrete slab location) on the designated property. Setting out the layout of your property with precise measurements ensures your build is constructed in the appropriate location and is true to the council- approved design.

Work as executed plans

Work as Executed Surveys are surveys that Councils require prior to issuing an Occupation Certificate to owners. The survey is used to ensure the completed or as-built works conform to the approved design plans.

Boundary Marking

Marking of boundaries for fencing or neighbour disputes. This service provides a clear location of your boundary through marks on the ground and a sketch plan demonstrating the boundaries and offset distances from nearby features.

Volume Calculation

Volume surveys are used to measure the volumes and contents of the material. Typically, this information is collected on a survey sheet which is then transferred onto the drawings. The volume calculation is done using professional software and surveys of the area.

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) surveys

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) surveys are a type of building measurement standard that is used to determine the size and use of a commercial building or space. These surveys are typically used to measure the size of a building or space for leasing or other purposes, such as property tax assessment or energy consumption.

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