A strong foundation

From the day it all started, we’ve been a company dedicated to asking one question: “Why not?” Our work to anticipate and overcome every challenge has rooted our values and vaulted us to the top of our industry.

EastWest Surveyors is founded in Sydney.

Chairman and CEO John Smith starts the company, managing surveying projects, including our first major land survey in the Greater Sydney area.


New headquarters

We move into our current headquarters in Sydney, providing us with a strategic location to serve our clients across the region.


Expansion and partnerships

EastWest Surveyors partners with key stakeholders and local government bodies to provide surveying services for various infrastructure projects, contributing to the development of Sydney’s urban landscape.


Commitment to excellence

Demonstrating a commitment to quality and innovation, EastWest Surveyors completes its first project utilizing advanced surveying technology, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of our services.


Recognizing achievements

Recognizing achievements EastWest Surveyors is recognized for its excellence in surveying services, earning accolades for our commitment to quality and professionalism.


Embracing sustainability

EastWest Surveyors integrates sustainable practices into our surveying processes, supporting renewable energy projects and environmentally conscious developments across New South Wales.


Innovative solutions

As part of our dedication to innovation, EastWest Surveyors launches new surveying technologies and methodologies, improving efficiency and accuracy in our work.


Corporate responsibility

EastWest Surveyors publishes its first Corporate Social Responsibility report, outlining our efforts to promote sustainability and drive positive change in the surveying industry.


Adapting to challenges

During the COVID-19 pandemic, EastWest Surveyors implements rigorous health and safety measures to ensure the well-being of our team members and clients.


Leading the way in surveying practices

We introduce new surveying methodologies, such as advanced 3D scanning and drone surveying, revolutionizing the way we capture and analyze spatial data.


40 years of excellence in surveying

EastWest Surveyors celebrates its 40th anniversary, highlighting our continued commitment to providing high-quality surveying services and innovative solutions to our clients.