Our Services

Detail & Contour Surveying

Detail and level surveys also known as contour surveys are a critical requirement in order for the building design process to begin. We produce plans that show levels and details of the property including existing buildings, substantial trees and general features, along with adjoining property and street information. East West can provide a copy of these plans to you and your nominated architect/relevant third party in DWG and PDF formats.

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys show the position of buildings & fences in relation to boundaries and show any encroachments by or upon the subject land. They are often required when a property is being purchased, listed for sale or when lodging building certificate applications to councils. East West Surveyors can conduct detailed identification surveys so you can have the piece of mind that nothing has been missed.


There are many types of subdivisions depending upon what is it you are planning to do with the land. East West Surveyors conduct all aspects surveying work with regards to subdivisions, including boundary adjustments, Torrens Title subdivisions for duplexes, multi lot land subdivisions, strata subdivisions for apartments, townhouses and all other commercial, retail and community subdivisions.


A Plan of Consolidation must be prepared for registration with Land and Property Information if you are intending to combine two (2) of more lots. As part of the consolidation process a plan may create, remove and vary restrictions and easements created in earlier plans or dissolve an owners corporation. East West Surveyors can handle all your consolidation needs.

Construction Setouts

Construction Setout surveys are conducted to position the exact location of a building within a particular piece of land. We undertake a variety of construction setouts including the marking of boundaries and the setting out of positions of all types of residential and commercial structures.

Boundary Marking

We undertake boundary marking for various reasons including erection of new fences, boundary disputes and to determine the position of structures close to fence lines. East West Surveyors can mark the boundary of your land so you have an accurate picture of your property.

Volume Calculations

Volume calculations are critical to any site development. Using modern field technologies East West Surveying can accurately calculate excavation requirements, giving you a more accurate figure in terms of site costs.

Work as Executed Plans

Also known as a As Built Survey, a Work as Executed Plan is required by councils upon the completion of construction work. A Work as Executed Plan is used to ensure construction is in line with approved design plans. These surveys are conducted as a comparison between design and actual construction of various infrastructure such as drainage systems and roads.